University of Virginia - Fantastic Neurosurgery Team

I was diagnosed with a cerebral AVM after a seizure in Dec. 07. After meeting with several teams at various US institutions, I choose to be treated at UVA. I had Gamma Knife surgery in 2008 and 2011. TODAY an angiogram confirmed that it has been obliterated! It’s been a long journey. The team at UVA was outstanding, not only in terms of strategy and treatment, but also in terms of taking on all the scheduling and coordination across Neurosurgery, Neurology and Radiology for me over 8 years. I’ve never seen different hospital departments work so seamlessly together. Ease of access to my nurse practitioner (and surgeon) was terrific. I truly felt that I had personalized care. The comprehensive care and services took away so much of the stress. I actually live in NYC but have commuted to Virginia for Gamma and follow-up MRAs. I highly recommend UVA.