Unconditional love

My pets are always there for me. "ON THE UPBEAT " It would be nice to hear stories or see pictures of your pets !!! I think it would be a nice place here to visit after a tough day !

Our old dog, now 15 years old, claimed my daughter the day she was born. When Dani was in the hospital with her AVM bleed, we almost lost the old boy. When we finally brought her home, she was exhausted from the excitement and physical strain of coming home. She crashed on the couch and we retreated to the kitchen to give her some quiet. Our dog, who has never been allowed on the couch and is too arthritic to get into the car by himself, climbed up on the couch with her. His girl was home. Both are recovering nicely.

Two Shihtzus. Cutest boys ever....but they drive me crazy too. They both LOOOOOVEEE me. We get so much entertainment from them. Names are Murphy and Moose.

Murphy + Moose are sweet.

I sometimes wonder if I would have gone crazy if it were not for my 2 crazy cats. When I came home from the hospital and eric went back to work I was left at home alone. Eventually I even taught my cat to say mama…seriously! he has kindof gotten out of the habit of doing it now tho. And now…I have noticed that when the cats are on the back of the couch and I am laying down they slowly find their way off of the back instead of jumping on my stomach like they used to. So I am pretty sure they know something is going on with me again. Lol. (But …i am very careful to pay attention and not let them jump on my stomach just in case) Animals are so loving and I honestly think of my 2 cats as part of my family. My dad even calls them his grandsons. and by the way…I told my dad yesterday that he was going to have a real grand-son or daughter. he was so happy!!!

Pauline - We have Julie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Casper, a Keeshond cross. Casper is the one that is so bonded to my daughter. We also have a turtle named Daisy and five miniature sheep - Woolson, Aiden, Lily, Tutu, and Baagonia. In the spring we’ll get a few chicks to add to the mix. I love having these animals around and I’d have more if I didn’t work full time and have three human kids to chase around!

I have a 40 lb cocker spaniel SIDNEY a chawawa 4lbs BANDIT a cat BOOTIE and 4 nameless fish ! BUT NO SHEEP I’d love to but my hubby would grt rid of me …


My dog Ruby, 70lb labrador always knows when I am not well because I don’t take her for a walk! If I lie down with a headache she always tries, and mostly succeeds to get next or lie on me!

The little dog(Bandit) doesn't like that the bigger dog(Sidney) going farther out of the garage then he can so he grabs the rope and tries, with little successs, to drag him back in.

We have Hudson. 105 lb lab/rot mix who thinks he is a lap dog…typical! He greats us every time we come home with big hugs (and kisses if I would let him!) He is totally a “daddy’s boy” and follows my husband around constantly. But he knows to just snuggle with me after I come home from my Denver trips. He is truly our child at the moment!

Shalon he is the same weight as me ,ehhhhhh My big dog is mom’s dog until daddy comes home .

I have no children so my dogs have become like children to me. My first dog as an adult was Spanky. I got her from the Humane Society. She was part Chow and quite the princess. Spanky passed in 2005. It was very fast and unexpected. I still mourn for her. She was the matriarch and is much missed.

Next came Abbey. She was given to me as a birthday present about a 1/2 a year after getting Spanky. Spanky helped raise Abbey and teach her about house-breaking and such. It’s really quite amazing what dogs will teach and learn from one another.

In 2000 when I had my most devistating bleed I was standing in the hallway and started to go down with a seizure. I’m not prone to seizues, have had a few, but always because I was bleeding. My husband at the time came right to my side and so did Abbey. My husband later told me that Abbey started this constant low whine and refused to leave my side even when the paramedics arrived. She was almost laying on me she was trying to get as close to me as possible. She is pretty well trained and does what shes told but refused all my husbands commands and actually fought to stay at my side. He had to manhandle her and lock her in a bedroom so the paramedics could get to me. She wouldn’t have bitten anyone, she has not one aggressive bone in her body, she simply didn’t want to leave my side. She continued to howl the whole time.

I’ll right more later about my other dogs, right now I have to go tend to Mom.


Thay say dogs can tel when things are wrong .

Here is my kitty girl…

She looks very cozy , pretty kitty …

i miss my katie cat so much…she was with me every step of the way through my illness; my coco cat too. both have passed to the rainbow bridge but will forever be in my heart. i’m going to be cremated with them; that gives me a sense of peace. i now have a 16 month mixed hound, who reminds me of a toddler. lots of energy and always on the go…a bit much for me…

Those hound dogs have lots of energy!!

Hey …I would love to hear some more stories or see some pictures of your pets . IJUST LOVE THEM !!

I have a lot of animals that enrich my life. First, the ferrets, when my father died almost 5 years ago I became very depressed. Words of warning don’t go to the animal shelter when your depressed. I saw these two sweet ferrets and brought them home. They made me laugh which I hadn’t done in a long time. Next, is our sweet Kipper. He is everyone’s dog, but mainly Andrew’s. He is just a happy go lucky dog we got from the Humane Society. One week to the day we got him the tornado hit, the next week he was neutered. I’m sure he was rethinking his new home. I fostered dogs and he would teach each of them the dos and don’ts of the house with great patience. Than there is Ajay he is from animal control. I got him as a foster dog the day he was to be put to sleep. Everyone fell so in love with him that I couldn’t adopt him out. I can’t begin to tell you how each one has saved me at different times and in different ways. They are always there to greet me, make me laugh, cuddle and lick my tears off my face. Pets are just the best.