Well, I found out that my angiogram is postponed until 4/20…something to do with the vascular lab’s schedule. I’m just ready to get all of this done! I had a horrible headache off and on all weekend & nothing I took eased it at all…and also had a few absence seizures from what I can tell…not a very enjoyable weekend.

I know how you feel! That stinks, I just had my first embo procedure cancelled today due to emergency. Hopefully that person is ok! I hear chammomile tea works well for migranes, if nothing else!

Sounds like a blast! I suppose if one must have an angiogram, it’s best to get it over with and behind you. Doesn’t help things when the medical crew schedules you, gets you all anxious, then makes you wait.

Hey I know how you feel, but keep your chin up and hopefully they will give u the next avaialbe date, but do put pressure them. I have had my whole schedule messed up was suppose to have my 2nd embo on the 29th of April, but it has now been cancelled, so I have had to push it back all the way to August now due to other commitments.

So sorry Jennifer…I know how you build yourself up for something only to have to start the wait again. Hope the time passes fast for you !

well less than a week !! you can do it!! that sucks that they changed it but once its done and hopefully you can get rid of those migranes… i get them really bad too!!

I know how you feel, I have had 3 cancelled in the last 6 months and I am not happy. Hope you have yours soon, they don’t realise how the waiting affects us.

I hate when you have a date and they cancel its a total let down, good luck for 20th