UCSF Dr. Adib Abla

Hello, does anybody have any feedback about Dr. Adib Abla at UCSF.

I have only seen Dr Michael Lawton’s work and know my ENT highly recommends him at UCSF
I choose Dr Michael Marks at Stanford for my AVM who I highly recommend as well. He is the founder and head of the dept at Stanford for angiograms and embolisms

Both UCSF and Stanford are fantastic but I would go with Dr Lawton at UCSF

Hi, confused mom!
I have friends who have met with him and have been told that he does everything from coiling to craniotomys. For those who didn’t know, Dr. Adib Abla is a fairly new neurosurgeon who succeeded Dr. Michael Lawton over at UCSF. Dr. Michael Lawton is now at Barrow in Phoenix.

I hope this helps!

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Dr Lawton is no longer there, I wish he was. He is at barrows he replaced Dr spetzler. Dr abla replaced him. We have a difficult choice to make. Dr. Berger at UCSF with Dr abla or Dr Lawton and Dr sanai at barrows. My son needs both a vascular and tumor surgeons.

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@confusedMom Wow okay just googled and great link -

can you not to go to Barrow?
My personal opinion is next to Lawton the next best team is at Stanford https://stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/s/gary-steinberg.html


I do not know of this Dr. personally but I do know about UCSF and they are one of the leading hospitals in the nation on AVM’s. We were there in 1988 for an embolization on our son before Gama Knife treatment and again in 2000 after a rupture and we believe they saved his life. Hope this helps and may God bless you.

Dr Abla saved me & my baby’s life when he was at UAMS 2.5 yrs ago. I was 20 weeks pregnant when my AVM ruptured & I was flown to his hospital. It looked grim because I had coded a few times, but he performed a craniotomy & later performed an angiogram on me & told me I was cured. The baby is about 1.5 now, & he & I are perfectly healthy.

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