UAVM help/advice

Hi I had UAVM in September finally confirmed it had gone in January we are now considering trying to conceive again I’m just wondering how many of you had healthy pregnancies after embolisation of the AVM and how you was monitored during and after pregnancy anymore AVM after ect?

Hello I know you posted this a while ago but I have experience and not sure if you went along to conceive. Embolization in 2011, pregnant 2015 due 11/11/16. She was born 7/21/16 @ 23wk 1lb 2ozs. During the pregnancy I was high risk bc of UAVM. They did ultrasounds about every month to monitor. I was later diagnosed with incompetent cervix and also had chorio with her pregnancy. They aren’t sure if my incompetent cervix is associated or caused by my uavm or embolization. My pregnancy with my son I had ultrasounds every week and progesterone shots weekly (2xs/wk at the hospital) later had an emergency cerclage placed.

So if you know you normally or previously had healthy pregnancies I wouldn’t be too scared about trying to conceive as long as you give it like a year or so after embolization.

P.S. I was also a micro preemie like my daughter so I’m also not sure if that contributed to me having incompetent cervix or if preemies/micro preemies can be a hereditary thing (drs told me no but now they are doing studies on it)