Two years Post Gamma Knife

This post is mostly for my benefit, no need to respond. One October 7th I had my two year testing since Gamma Knife, a cerebral angiogram (what a fun filled day). They say I am now AVM free but why don’t I believe it? Maybe it was the vision issues after the procedure which led to an overnight hospital stay, a MRI and several visits by doctors I do not know and the report that leaves questions. In the end I was released and advised to visit my ophthalmologist and given a report for my primary care physician and/or nuerologist. I just back spaced over a long list of items but decided against it. No sense wasting anyone else’s time. So for now I am considered AVM free.

Hi:) I found my avm in july 2015.... they rushed a gamma knife on Oct 9.... no bleed out!!:) Was wondering when they will check for changes and was wondering if you had to stay on meds?Tnks for positive information on your avm !!:)