Two years post craniotomy, questions

Hello all! I’m currently just over two years past when I had my AVM removed via a craniotomy. I had a one year follow up including an all clear given via catheter angiogram.

My question for you all today is; does anyone have any knowledge on how HRT (hormone replacement therapy), specifically Estrogen, Anti-Androgens, and Progesterone can have on a post surgical brain that’s had an AVM removed? Could it potentially cause a regrowth, or weaken the vascular structure in the area?

My craniotomy was preformed first with embolization (onyx) to seal off the AVM’s feeding tubes, and then with total physical removal of the AVM a day later, confirmed to still be removed a year out with no further scans since. The only side effects were a small hematoma left over in the surgical site from the procedure itself, which caused a seizure, resulting in temporary right side weakness which persisted for a few months after the surgery.

Thank you all!

I’m pretty sure pregnancy has an effect on the vasculature, so the ladies in the @PelvicAndUterine group may have some thoughts for you.

Good luck!

Talk to an MD, see what they say

I have been on HRT all the way through my hemorrhage, embolization - and recovery

Of course I am not on e2 replacement therapy. . . I spoke to my neurosurgeon right before I was released about what I’m on - his words “no conflict”

But, I do question it myself - how do hormonal changes/imbalances effect it’s regrowth or anything alike