Two year anniversary

well its hard to believe two years have passed...and gee what a journey it has been..and i would like to thank each of you that have been there with me along the way...well first being told i was inoperable and bound to die soon ..i found a wonderful surgeon who operated and gave me a second chance at has been a long two years ...defying the odds all round...surviving a so called impossible operation...and walking again after being told by many doctors and surgeons i would never walk again if i went through with has been a long hard journey..but one i would never change for the world now...i can actually say i am grateful for this journey in my has changed me into a person i could have only ever dreamed of being...i am now..a happy positive...sparkling person that takes nothing for grated...and can find the positive in any situation that arises....i just had my 2 year post op scans and there is no sign of any avm regrowth or residual my surgeon was pleased to discharge me forever and said that i should live to a healthy old age now i will just continue to work on my rehablitation to regain use of my left arm and hand which is slowly improving and continue to stay positive and keep believing that i will make a remarkable recovery...we are all given this journey for a reason is when we can find the positives in our journey that we have truly learnt and grown as a person...there is always a positive in every situation no matter what ...this is something i have learnt over the past 2 years ....thanks to all that have been there all along the way and thanks to all i have meet along my journey...i am truly blessed and grateful to know you all... stay strong and keep positive sending you all lots of ppositive energies to help you all along your journey xoxox

Dear Alicia - Having only been here for a short part of your journey, let me say this -The prof may have said goodbye, but you know within his heart he will treasure you (and Daniel) forever. Your success story and beautiful life you both lead is so positive and touching. Thank you for sharing your journey so far - but remember it is far from over. Hugs

Happy 2 years Alicia! You are truly an over comer. I know what you mean about the left hand, sounds like you and I are similar there, we’ll both keep at it…

Hey Congrats, you really are inspirational…to defy the odds every time and see the good in the traumatic journey just shows us all what a special person you are xxxx

Clare and Jacob xxxx

i’m a avm surviver, please stay on here and tell me about your experience. it sounds the same as mine. jami

I’m so happy after just reading your post!!! I’m so happy that they don’t need to see you anymore. Its wonderful, and i bet it feels great to know you know longer need them as well. Right!!! Keep up that amazing attitude you have and that i only wish i had as well. talk to ya soon Andrea :slight_smile:

Hi Alycia, Congrats! That’s such fantastic news!! I agree that there is a positive in every situation and everyone’s journey is definitely a learning experience. Keep going girl, you’re an inspiration to us all and are you’re in my prayers! Best wishes, Lou


Congrats on your two year milestone Alica. The fact that your are discharged forever is really good news. It’s been wonderful to know you, you’re an inspiration!

Congrats Alicia! You wrote to me a year ago and I was then too emotionally distraught to repond. It was two years for me on April 10…progress is slow, but still happening right? Don’t give up and keep smiling. Thank you for your kind words last year.

Hi Alicia!

It has been a while since we last spoke:) Our stories sound more and more alike by the day:) You have been such an inspiration in my journey and my husband and I have enjoyed reading your posts as we get closer to our big day. I pray that I can finish up my last 2 months of medical school (despite new onset grand mal seizures), and get through this with the grace you have! Everything happens for a reason:)

Take care