Two sessions of cypberknife and no embolization

My doctor talked with people at Duke and they decided that the embolization procedure would be too risky because my avm has all ready bled. They have decided to go with two cyberknife procedures. I am pretty happy with this because frankly embolization scared me more than cyberknife. I’m also grateul that cyberknife is outpatient…and so if my brainworm doesn’t bleed again, I may not have another stay in the hospital over this.

They will be scheduling it pretty soon…I hope late september or early october.

Dianne, Im happy you feel better with the doctors choices for your treatment,im sure it will go great,ill have you in my prayers,stay positive, I had gamma radiation for mine, I was also worried if I had to have embolization, thank God I didnt ,I was happy with the docs choice as well,been 7 months now and doing good!!