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Two Months Still in A Coma


My sister in law is still in the hospital its been over a month close to 2 now… she is still not concious and is suffering from seizures now…

Please Help

What would you like help with, support or doctors help.


Both… someone that can give me faith and hope of some sort that she will be okay… why is this happening? Is she going to be okay. Seeing her like this for the past almost 2 months has been so hard and now in total she has had 13 seizures since just this morning…


Amrit, your story is such a sad one and I’m glad that we are here to let you tell it. Sometimes just telling reduces the burden. Your sister-in-law is very fortunate to have you there, concerned and eager to help.

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You’re in Vancouver. Does your sister-in-law have contact with the social workers at the hospital? If not, you might see whether you can arrange for that. They can often be really helpful in getting the right information family members, and they also have ways of arranging for support during such a difficult time.

To get more people to read and respond to your post, try tweaking the subject line to be a bit more descriptive. Try something like “Two months, still in coma”. That may catch the attention of more people who might be able to give you some information.

Our thoughts are with you. Please keep us informed!

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Thank you for the kind words, I’ve been trying to come up with topic names and its hard for me… she does have social workers there however they keep moving her floors at VGH and they keep telling us that her social worker has changed too. I will reach out to the workers I can.


They are asking us if we’d like to put her back on the ventilator again… and what she would like…



I can only speak about my experience, but when my AVM ruptured in 2008, I got seizures, too. After my 2nd brain surgery, I experienced great expressive apahasia (I knew what I wanted to say, but when I tried to say it, it would come out wrong). I never went into a coma, so I can’t speak from that, but I can tell you, that anything is possible. I know that I would not have recovered nearly so much if I did not have the love and support of my friends and family. Continue sharing your love with your cousin. We are here for you.


Hello and welcome to this site - so glad you found it.
What part of the brain if you know has been impacted by the bleed?

I had a massive stroke in March of 2011 due to five blood clots forming in my brain - which later caused my avm…I was in a coma for 5 days. I was having seizures before and I think during the coma. I had damage to the thalamus and the Basal Ganglia which controls lots of good stuff. I had brain damage and load of pain. Could not walk or talk very well. As someone else said I would know what I wanted to say but it would not come out correctly very frustrating. To get one word out would be like lifting a heavy weight once and being exhausted after I said it and it would be wrong.

I then had another stroke during my embolism Jan 2012 but my husband got paper and pencil and I was able to communicate correctly. Its different part of our brains to write vs speaking.

Do not give up hope on your cousin - they are in there fighting. Keep talking to them, do not have any news on - that happened to me and it was the aftermath of the Japan earthquake so I thought I was sick from that.

If they like certain smells like lavender rub some scented lotion on them every day.

Keep talking to them, tell them to fight and that you guys are pulling for them.

I knew my family and friends were there and could hear my dad eating my tower of chocolate that someone sent to me cause he has a bad habit of chewing with his mouth open, which is funny now-

play soothing music or any music that they like. It is true people can hear when they are in a coma. Hopefully they can give them the right seizure meds to stop the seizures.

It does hurt to have swelling on the brain and there are specific meds for that.
I was shocked to see that I was being given fentanyl - just recently got some of my records. It did not help for me, which I just told me pain neuro if I am ever in the hospital not to give it to me cause it did not help at all.

The younger the better cause the brain has a better chance of healing per my stroke neuro.

Keep us updated and dont loose hope.



We lost her… thank you all for all of the support you have been…