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Two Burst AVMs

Hey all

I had two burst AVMs back on Sept 4 2017. I then spent two years in the ICU at two hospitals just outside of Vancouver BC. I had a craniotomy, two extra ventricular drains, and a shunt. The MRIs kept on messing up my shunt so finally my mom said no more. A burst AVM is their best guess, but truth be told they couldn’t see anything at all on MRI.

I’m in a New Westminster care facility right now doing rehab 5 days a week. I’ll be moving out in January since the usual stay is 6 weeks and I’ve already been here ten. I’m still learning to walk and talk again but all of your stories give me such hope! The BC Cancer Agency is saving a residency seat for me in June 2021. So I have until then to get better. Feel free to ask any questions. I’m more than happy to respond.

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Welcome to our community, sounds like you had quite a journey so far. Nice to hear you have benefitted from the site, you’ve seen firsthand an amazing group of people. A lot of experience here that we all benefit from for sure. Thanks for going in with us and once again welcome! Take Care, John.