Twins pregnancy!

Hello…just wanted to share with everyone that my identical twin and I are both pregnant! lol you all probably thought I was saying that I was having twins. hehe. Nope just one. I’m 18+ weeks and she is 5. So it is so exciting to know that our babies will grow up very close in age. It is so strange because they have tried for over 4 years and bam they are pregnant now. I had a joke with her saying “you can’t ever let me having anything can you?” But I am really excited that my dad will be a grandpa 2 times in one year. she is waiting to tell people til after Thursday when we should find out what we are having. I will be sure to post on here what we are expecting as soon as I get back from my appointment on Thursday. Everyone cross your fingers its a girl and healthy. Or at least cross them that the baby is healthy. :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s exciting! And yes, I’m sure everyone will automatically think you mean you are having twins! I did! ha ha ha!!!

That is so nice that you two will be able to share this experience together. That’s great news. Please pass along congrats to your sister. :slight_smile:

How exciting! Congrats to your sister!

such nice news brittany…it will be lovely that both you and your sister can go through this together

Now I’ve heard that identical twins have a lot in common, but this is a new one! Congrats to both of you.

I’m crossing my fingers for healthy babies and easy births for both you and your sister!!