Curious if anyone has ever used turmeric as an added at home treatment of AVM? Been reading lately about it being an angiogenesis inhibitor.

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Hi Jennifer
I never heard about turmeric as a treatment of AVM.have u used turmeric?please let me know f u have used turmeric.And do share ur experience of using it.
will b waiting 4 ur reply.
Best wishes

Heres the problem. Preventing angiogenis does nothing for an existing AVM. There has been some research involving AVMs that cannot be removed radically.It was thought that the association of an antiangiogenic drug (to be initiated before surgery and to be continued in the post-operative period), could prevent the feared ‘‘explosive’’ growth of the remaining nidus after its partial removal. In the last 10 or so years, there hasn’t been any of these studies that have conclusivley shown the advantages outweigh the risks particulalrly with gastric type AVMs. Keep in mind that when angiogenisis is not desirable say with a cancerous tumor, angiogenisis is necessary for the healing of normal tissue and injury. Tumeirc prolly doesn’t have enough get up and go to much anyway as very powerful angiogenisis drugs have bee what is studied and tested (Thalidomide is primary but other drugs such as Sirolimus,VEGF pathway inhibitors, Interferon or Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) Inhibitors have also been used)