Trying to convince my husband he didn't "fail" this Christmas

So with all my medical bills this year and his company's business doubling this year, tying up our credit & cash in inventory, we were able to get family gifts, but weren't able to splurge much on ourselves. We didn't even get a tree since that was an extra expense & we didn't really have time to shop for one & set it up. husband apoligized for "failing" me this year as far as Christmas presents go. Like I don't realize where all our money has been going.

So far this year, I've had:

consultation with neurosurgeon
another consult with surgeon
Gamma Knife Radiation (including MRI & angiogram)
craniotomy to clip 2 aneurysms
MRI to make sure things were ok after headaches changed
visit to new neurologist
GK (without angiogram)
followup w/ neurologist

and I'm scheduled for another GK in June.

Well, my warped sense of humor kicked in as we were stuffing & addressing Christmas cards this afternoon.

So I told him that when people asked what I got for Christmas I could tell them I got Gamma Knife for Christmas. I even had a halo!
What did I get for my birthday? A craniotomy & a Whippet!
And I got Gk for my husband's birthday, too!

I started giggling & couldn't stop.

But seriously. He is the one who insisted that my doctor order a CT scan after the migraines got bad in April. He's the one who wouldn't stop bugging Dr. Kim's office until they scheduled me in for a consult the next day. He has taken me to all of my appointments and made sure to find the money somewhere in our budget for all of my expenses that insurance didn't cover.

He's the reason the doctors looked for the problem in the first place. I think he did a great job for Christmas!

That's ok, I got a divorce this Christmas :( With all the medical bills and therapy I still require My husband has decided if he divorces me so I can claim Social Security, we will both be better off! Does that mean I can go out on dates though? Here's the dilemma??? But I don't get many offers:( I did get asked out this summer though, which was shocking. But! Consider yourself fortunate when you remember I got a divorce for Christmas!

Hi. I would say you got a terrific gift for Christmas!

Ah...GKs and Crainis for gifts...super-sized, I hope...either way, how romantic!

He certainly is the best Christmas gift you could ever get!

Thats what family is wife was the one who made me get a CT after a headache and she went through alot a BS during my time....things like this can never be bought or taken for granted for as long as i live....God bless you both

Sounds like he is your Christmas Angel! That is great he is your medical advocate. My husband is mine too. Have a wonderful New Year!