Anyone familiar with this? Ordered their suppplemen


Please run it by your doctor, just in case, Greg. If he approves it, then let us know if you see any difference. Is it expensive?

I will. My appointment is at the end of the month. The supplement was created by a neurologist, so I'm thinking mine shouldn't have too much of an issue with it. As for cost. For a year, I paid some $900. When you join, you get a 10% off coupon.

Greg, what is it supposed to do? I'm always a little leary when it comes to these kinds of things so I'll be inerested in knowing how it works for you.

Greg, Please do as much research as you can before taking this supplement. Research the neuro doctor who created it as well.

Please let us know more about this sup....also what does your doctor think.


I have researched the supplements, both via the website, and independent usage. Both give positive reviews.



From what I have read, the supplements provide increased energy and focus. One person who is reviewing his usage of the supplements reports that he has increased drive to perform tasks that he has put off. As for side affects, he reports having vivid dreams, something that Trubrain concurs with, and recommends not taking the supplements within 5 hours of going to sleep. Additionally, he reports a sense of agitation. That sounds like it affects very few people as Trubrain does not mention this. Also, it sounds like it is not something that he expresses much concern with.