Trubrain Update

OK. It's day two. For those unfamiliar, Trubrain is a supplement that is supposed to improve brain function. Cognitive abilities, and that sort of thing. It was developed by neuroscientists, and seems legit. The only outside review that I have come across seems to verify this. The supplements come in three packs, a morning, afternoon, and turbo boost. The morning packet is taken before breakfast, and the afternoon, after lunch. The turbo boost is as needed.

While it has only been two days, I don't have much to go on. Like the independent reviewer, I can confirm an increase in alertness. Not jittery like a caffeine based energy drink might do. The other side-affect that Trubrain acknowledges, and the independent reviewer has experienced, are vivid dreams. At this time, I have not experienced this. I typically won't sleep for more than six hours, and rarely, if ever, remember my dreams.

The only proof that I have that makes me believe that the supplements work is my improvement with the Lumosity games.

For those that aren't familiar with Lumosity, these are games that are designed to exercise, and improve brain function. Memory, language skills, math skills, etc. When a game is completed, your results are ranked. First through fifth are noted. Results below that are not. Typically I might get, at most, two top five during a session of five games. This morning I earned four top five finishes out of five games. I thought I would get a top five on the last. While I didn't miss any problems, I believe my timing kept me out of the top five. Additionally, I finish a session with the word bubble game, as I am good with words. On this occasion, I finished with a top five score.

To wrap up, I believe the supplements work, and will provide further updates.


Greg, I'm not sure 2 days is enough to effect you, if it will. However, please provide us with future updates.


Please keep us updated! You know my motto…Never give up!!

Yes, it is early. I will continue to post updates. I would urge anyone who is interested in these supplements to wait to purchase them until at least the end of the month. That way I will have a few more weeks to report on, and I will be meeting with my neurologist at the end of the month, and will post his thoughts as well.