Trip to Disney World

hi everybody,
well i should start off by tellin you all that im a single mother of two kids. a 7 year old and a five year old. my son has been asking me to go to disney for the past two years and i finally have the funds to take themm. the only problenm is my headaches get to the point where they are unbearable. i didnt take the fact of what would happen if i were to have one of my "episodes" while we are out there and that i would be at disney alone with the kids. anyone have any advice for me??

Hello biba311. I agree completely with Ninibith, check with your Dr/Neurologist if it is safe for you to go there first! All the best, I hope it will be a wonderful time for you all!

I agree with the previous two posts but also wanted to ask you, do you have a close friend or family member that could go with you guys? It might help you if you have an episode and who doesnt love company. God Bless you. I hope this all works out for you!

i asked the neurologist and she said it should b ok she doesnt see a problem wiht me going. but she also doesnt understand alot of the symptoms im havin and every med we've tried doesnt work..she recently put me on meds for restless leg syndrome which isnt helpin my headaches at all...this may just b a thought but i dont thik she has alot of experience with avm's.

i tried seeing if my mom or partner could go but they have work and cant take off...i figure im going to have to learn to do things with them on my own eventually since my sickness isnt gonna go just scares me.

If your doc said it's ok and no one else can go... can someone at Disneyland monitor things just in case? They will bend over backwards to make you happy. It's worth a call and it should make you feel better. Have fun at Disney World, while I walked slower then the rest it was definitely a good time. The kids will love it. :)

Hi Biba. I found this site which might help…

I can totally understand you being scared about having an episode while alone with the kids for sure it is scary just when they happen at home. However, your kids are only little for a short time and we cannot stop living just because we have an issue and are scared we just need to live carefully and plan. I think as long as your Doc has cleared you and you can plan in case of an episode to the best of your ability then you should go for it and have the best time of your life with those precious children!!! Let us know how it turns out and send pics!!!! Have a blast and I will pray that every thing turns out well for you!!

I don't know when you are going to disney, and if you mean Disney in Florida or in California. I live in Fl about 1.5 hours away from disney World.

I had an AVM when I was a little kid, and I am 61 now. I am very healthy, except for some vision loss from the AVM. I worked my whole life, had a son, who is married and lives in Virginia, I am retired and now live alone. I would be able to help you if it is the Florida Disney you are going to.


aww thank u beansy…we r going to the one in fl…we will b there next week…luckily my mom was able to get off of work n go with us…i feel so much more relieved knowing she will b there…

Where r u staying? Just a tip … If you do have an episode and need to get back to the room quickly you can always get a cab. Most trips are about 15.00 we found. We couldn’t wait for the bus a few times when stayed at yacht club.