Trip #10...not my favorite

So I just wanted to update everyone on my latest trip to Denver for embolization. I’m having a pretty sucky recovery…

Instead of typing it up here, I did a quick posting to my personal blog. I’m not quite feeling myself yet, still moody from the prednisone and sleepy from the Vicodin (although I’m afraid to sleep because of the bleeding…)

Anyways, here is a link to my quick little update.

I’ll be back to myself in a few days, promise. Maybe I need to pull out my snazzy new shoes and walk around the house in those! That should help me recover right?!?!?


Oy Vay !!! Shalon, you had to ask such question??? I am just mentioning…
P.S. You are in my prayers.

i know! What was I thinking? Had I had those shoes out for the past two days I would have been completely recovered by now!!! Oh well, better late than never. I’ll put them on first thing in the morning… Thanks for the prayers.

Hang in there. You’re doing a great job of coping with all of this and we are all thinking of you. XO

You always bounce back girl and with those shoes you’ll be right as rain, take it easy x