Treatment for strong spasticity

Hi, I have embolized my big spinal AVM in august, everything was ok, in two months I started walking again helped by the walker, but I do not know what happened, once I exaggerated in stretching my right leg so that the spasticity appeared again. I did a new MRI, everything seems same on the spine, there is no new complication or modification, but this spasticity is killing me and again I have 2 months since I can't walk anymore, because my right knee stays all the time bent, even worse than before embolization. I had become extremely spastic before embo, but got to normal after embo til this happened.

One week ago I made some botox injections in my right femoral biceps, I should have felt some improvements till now but no change. Somebody else who did botox injections had great result and helped him a lot. I tried taking mydocalm, but no effect. Many years ago, when I had just a very mild spasticity, I took baclofen and had no effect, did not try taking it now again as my spasticity is much stronger, plus I have read it has many bad side effects and I must work and keep my mind clear, cannot be dizzy or sleepy or have hallucinations :), not a good moment at all.

Does anybody know another type of treatment for spasticity?

I was thinking to try homeopathic treatment, at least, if it doesn't do any good, doesn't hurt the body either, maybe acupuncture? Working out it has become almost impossible as because of the spasticity at the right leg I cannot make any gymnastic for the legs and this is seen in my muscular tonus that was already weak and have just started to recover after the embo. I cannot sleep well coz of the pain and discomfort created by the spasm, I cannot walk, cannot stand up, only in one leg (the left one), it is affecting all my life.

Thank you.