Treatment Finished

Hello everyone~Ashley has successfully completed her cyber-knife treatments…she needed 4 fractions…so far no side effects other than eating constantly from the steroids…and some slight tenderness on her scalp. She has her first follow up on July 3rd…but I don’t believe they will MRI again until 3months to see how the AVM is shrinking. It was a tough week for her/us as her great-grandma/my grandma passed away…she was 91 and led an amazing life…but it is still hard to say goodbye…especially with all the added stresses of dealing with the AVM. I hope everyone reading this is doing well…we really appreciate our online family and wish you all of the best! Take care~Denise

Sorry for your loss.
The Cyberknife treatment is done,great!I told you that it won’t be bad.Now Ashley only has to be patient and wait for the results.Everything will be over soon!

hi Denise
I’m sorry for your loss, its hard enough but with everything else on top of that your family is going through a tough time. I’ll be thinking of Ashley and praying for the right outcome for her. Amanda

I’m so sorry for your loss, Denise. I am glad that you go to enjoy your grandma for so long and that Ashley’s treatments are done.