Treating AVMs with Embolotherapy!

Dr. Wayne Yakes practices interventional radiology & vascular radiology, neuroradiology and diagnostic radiology in Englewood, Colorado and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

He has been treating my AVMs using embolotherapy during the past two years.

Medical conditions treated by using embolotherapy can be grouped as follows:

  1. Vascular anomalies (eg, AVM, AVF, venous malformation [VM], lymphatic malformation [LM], and hemangioma)
  2. Hemorrhage (eg, pseudoaneurysms and GI tract, pelvic, posttraumatic, epistaxis, and hemoptysis bleeding)
  3. Other conditions (eg, tumors, varicoceles, and organ ablation)

Embolization may have 3 therapeutic goals:

  1. An adjunctive goal (eg, preoperative, adjunct to chemotherapy or radiation therapy)
  2. A curative goal (eg, definitive treatment such as that performed in cases of aneurysms, arteriovenous fistulae [AVFs], arteriovenous malformations [AVMs], and traumatic bleeding)
  3. A palliative goal (eg, relieving symptoms, such as those of a large AVM, which cannot be cured by using embolotherapy alone)

Embolization is defined as the "therapeutic introduction of various substances into the circulation to occlude vessels, either to arrest or prevent hemorrhaging; to devitalize a structure, tumor, or organ by occluding its blood supply; or to reduce blood flow to an arteriovenous malformation."

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