Hi all I am trying to get travel insurance for my 22 year old daughter , who has had a bleed and has got inoperable multiple avms . I have been told by Thomson they can’t insure her but they said to keep trying other company’s .however when I put in the condition when trying to get quotes the sites don’t recognise it . We only want to take her to Spain while she’s ok because her symptoms are getting worse . So I was wondering if anyone has managed to get insurance .

you dont state if you are in U.K. etc or if the AVM's are Brain etc so can only give advise from what I know, The organisation Head Way gives lots of information on cheap insurance company's who will recognise the medical problems. they are U.K site but might have sites designated to other countries.
Best of luck xxxx

Hi Sarah, I have an inoperable AVM and also encountered the same problem whilst trying to get insurance to go to Jersey. I stupidly thought being part of the UK I would be covered by the NHS. How wrong I was.

I eventually got cover from a company called good to go insurance. It wasn’t cheap. For a three night stay it was £146. I had no problems putting in any of the information about my illness.

I hope you manage to get some insurance for your daughter

Thanks for that will check it out xx

Hi sorry yes she has brain avms from cleethorpes in England x

no worries :D when I first tried to travel after my bleed in 2011 I had to do phone forms for the insurance and then most would either not insure me or it would cost a huge amount (like £800 for a week in spain!)
I ended up getting my insurance through the headway site ( well actually my husband did as I was completely off the planet and was still in a wheel chair )
there are several insurance groups that specialise in this area / unique medical illness think the 'good to go' is one of them but cant be sure.
hope you find something soon

Insure and Go do travel insurance and they also know about AVMS. Have been insured with them twice for holidays abroad.

I used Rapid Insure approx 10 months after my bleed and stroke plus it was a very competitive price but i am unable to recall how much it was, just it was good. i had a few questions to answer about my illness, seizures etc but all ok.
Here is a link, i will use again, hope it works out for you.

All the best Phil

Hi there, I manage to get travel insurance for my 17 year old daughter who had a bleed through a local insurance broker in my town, £35 but well worth it as it covers everything should it be needed. Think its just a case of making lots of calls. Good luck x

I just filled out the quote thing for rapid insurance and just for me for 1 week in Spain it said £189.00. Keep looking around, ask at the neuro hosp if they recommend anyone.


Since my AVM and Gamma Knife I have used Staysure and Travel Insurance UK.
Depends where you are going which one of these is best.
Work your way through till you come to Medical Screening then you are asked loads of questions, When asked for condition type AVM and work your way through where is AVM when bleed , Epilepsy etc.
I last paid £80 for a week in Rhodes and only £350 for 6 weeks in Australia.

I looked at others and some are double the price so shop around.

For future reference you might find the below useful.

Hi both my husband and me have pre existing med conditions. We usually go online. Put that in as a search term travel ins with preexisting med cons and then ring them up. Its easier as the online forms always reject us but we always manage to get something in person when we speak.there are lots who specialize in this. Though of course it can be a bit costly.

I had to pay extra£250 on my annual policy for my daughter but they carried out a telephone screening. It was fairly simple process and raised by me to them before a trip. I am with admiral.