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Hello everyone. I undergo gamma knife last december 7 2017, i just want to ask if i can travel abroad? By the way my flight is on january 16 2017. And my avm is not ruptured. Thank you.

I don’t really know the answer for your flight but I think you’re fine to fly. I was airlifted to the hospital when my AVM ruptured and I also had a big seizure after surgery and was airlifted back to the hospital again. Year after that flew to a family members wedding so I think you’re fine to fly.


You may do well to discuss with your doc and if your travel insurance is anything like mine, you may NEED to be clear on it with your doctor. There are two dimensions:

  • is it safe to travel with an AVM? We know of examples of people who have had to fly to their surgery, so there are definitely cases where flying is ok. However, as part our our London AVM meet in November, Corrine & I met Dan who had a serious nosebleed which started either on his flight or shortly afterwards. Dan has other issues than AVMs so it could be more likely because of his other issues. He does get regular nosebleeds but that can be a feature of an AVM in the right place

  • does your insurance cover you for hospital treatment for an existing condition? If you are taken ill abroad and existing conditions are excluded, you could end up catching all of the costs yourself.

You ought to be comfortable on both fronts in order to travel, I think.

Hope this helps,


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