The doctor recommended transcatheter sclerotherapy for the main lesion in fossa poplitea with dorsal position as the first choice.
(Retrograde approach is recommended because the form of drainage veins are simpler than that of inflow arteries.)

  1. A 6 Fr diameter 25 cm long sheath is inserted into the common femoral artery (CFA) antegradely. A 5 Fr diameter 9 mm long balloon catheter is inserted through the sheath and expanded at the main inflow artery or at below-knee popliteal artery to prevent the distal spilling of sclero-medicine.

  2. A 8 Fr diameter and 25 cm sheath is inserted into the common femoral vein (CFV). A 5Fr and 20 mm long ballon catheter is inserted into the largest outflow vein through the sheath. If possoble, a micro catheter is inserted and brought close up to the nidus.

  3. Sclerotherapy for the nidus is done by retrograde injection with a manual pressing the CFA by hands.

Tokyo Medical University Hospital