Toy Drive

Some of you may remember Nathan’s Mom… She is having an event/toy drive to honor his life.

Oh, I want to get in touch with her. My son, Connor, age 5, had the exact type of avm and also passed. We held a toy drive in Memphis for the children’s hospital. We started Connor’s Closet on the neuro floor and each little boy receives a new toy while hospitalized. The local news followed us to hospital and filmed story. It was a wonderful way to honor Connor.

I’m a bit outdated - don’t use facebook…getting on a blog like this is adventuresome for me:) What are the details of the event/toy drive? Also, I’m new so wondering if you could briefly share the story of Nathan’s life. I want to use every post as a prompt to pray for families and individuals.

Here is her page…
If you want to send a message of support and love…you can message her from this page.