Towards the New Normal:-)

Chason has now began a new chapter in his before aneurysm NEW normal journey:-) He is getting ready to go back to school!!! Praise the Lord<3 I am thrilled and he is ecstatic!!!! Of course my nerves are threw the rough right now and heart beating ten thousand miles a minute..... But I know this is what he needs to keep him pushing forward and give him some sense of normalcy.... My God is greater and he has his hands all over the situation so no worries:-) Only excitement!!!! Thank you all and blessings<3

I am still praying for him!

Best wishes & cheers to Chason, as he moves onward in his "NEW normal journey!"
All the best!

He's a way good looking guy... thanks for posting the pics and the status. Keep up the great work (and obvious love) and good luck with everything! Thanks again. :J