Tough decisions

I haven’t blogged in awhile so I figured I’d better get on top of it while I’m here.
Christmas was tough this year, but still wonderful. My husband’s job got downsized on Halloween and we’re still waiting his next position to come through… HR departments drag their feet. My job situation is a mess right now and has left me with a tough decision to make… whether to go to court over layoffs.

We have a 2-3 week layoff every year around Christmas as part of the job. It starts Dec. 19th. I had prepared for that layoff, but wasn’t prepared when my manager pulled me into his office on Nov. 13th and told me I would be laid off the next day instead. When I asked why he said that it was because I can not currently drive, which is a temporary issue with my seizures. I was so taken aback that he even said that to me, I didn’t know how to respond. They can’t lay me off based on a disability! I pointed out that I had never once been late to work since I stopped driving, that I had often stayed late, and that I had even arranged transportation to be in on Saturdays to work. I also pointed out that driving was not a part of my job description and that it wasn’t fair for that to be the criteria for my layoff. I got no solid response to that. I walked out knowing that my co-worker who is 2-3 years my junior in the company and who has a worse attendance record was staying employed in my place just because of my seizures and driving. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I have never had anyone make me feel like that small of a person.

So, now what do I do? I want to walk out and quit, but I need the benefits and can’t find another position yet. If I do file a complaint with the state, which I can, then I end up going back it will be very akward and uncomfortable. If I don’t file a complaint will I regret it later? Not to mention, the whole stupid thing will go ‘unpunished’ so to speak. In addition, I have friends in the company, including one of the managers who would no doubt be included in the lawsuit. I’m so upset about it, I can’t sleep or concentrate. I wish the whole thing would sort itself out.

You know I use to work for a place were you could tell ,they would have new people trained by people that made more money , then make the job harder so the ones making more would quit . So they didn’t have to pay so much. It could be their way of keeping yhe girl who makes less money. Why would they give the other girl your spot . Somthing to think about !!

thats terrible Beth, I’d take they Creeps to court without a second thought. Maybe try have a word with your other mate who is a manger so he’s not suprised about it

Hi Beth.
I am very sorry to hear your situation. My experiance is totally difference to your story. My company looked after all cost of my wife’s surgery and they asked me to come to work when I am OK. I didn’t go to office about one and half month however they paid all my salaries, they gave me fuel and year end bonus too. There are companies like my one. Try to find a another job in a good company.

Beth- if you have been fulfilling your job responsibilities and driving isn’t one of them, then this is a direct violation of the American Disabilities Act if this is the only reason you’ve been laid off. You have recourse either through a union (if you are unionized) or get a lawyer. You’re worried about your relationships there, but you should be more worried about your pocketbook, plus it IS the principle that’s important. I hope you take steps to find out if this was legal- something smells fishy here!

I agree with the others, Beth. What your company is doing is illegal! Get yourself a lawyer if you are not in a union. Please keep us updated on how things develop.

This is horrible and Illegal. This is what makes me scared for my son to even get a job and have health insurance. even when the state won’t recognize this condition. PLEASE fight this for all of our sakes.

This makes me sick. I agree with Brian, go at least talk to a lawyer. You have been an honest and hard working employee and you should have nothing to fear. Get what you deserve.