Man I hate bad weather. There we were sitting in the closet. Two boys, my husband, mom and me. There sat Andrew with a bike helmet on his head. Guess it comes from living through a tornado. Okay just venting.

What!?!? Another one? Is this like really common in your area or what? It is really hard for me to imagine! I’d never get out of the closet! I hope you are all okay.

Hi Janice
Hope all is well, take care.

Hi Janice,
Are you from Indiana too? If so I know exactly how you feel!!! its nuts here around this time of the year! I’m terrified of storms and when it starts to rain I actually get sick because I’m so scared of a tornado. Last night was pretty BAD!
I hope you guys are doing ok. talk to you soon

Everyone is fine nothing hit, but the sirens were going off and after being hit once you don’t take chances. The worst part was about 5 miles northeast, but they always sound the warning for the whole county. I learned after the first one once you hear it it’s already on top of you. It seemed somewhat like a bad sitcom…There sat Andrew with his bike helmet on, my mom with her O2, me and my husband running around gathering shoes, phones, flashlights, etc. Oh, well it’s a little cool today, but sunny, alls good.

Yikes! that doesn’t sound the least bit fun. Although I agree your description is totally sitcom worthy. Love it!
But thanks, I’ll keep my little earthquakes instead.