I was going out for lunch today and my co-workers commented that my speed has improved. Hopefully I can upgrade to elbow crutch, then one crutch and my aim is to reduce to using a cane by December. The physio young gal says I must religiously do the exercises she mentioned, talking about being nagged by a kid…Anyway I hope to take the train to work when i get more strength(half a journey by cab), although taking a bus will not be feasible to start with. Cabs are expensive! My boss has been picking on my “numerous typo” again, hey one spelling mistake is not numerous. Seriously, if she find me redundant she can always sack me, but I know she won’t dirty her hands by doing so. I am debt-free anyway, don’t you ever dare to threaten me hahaha. My coworkers are darlings, so life is pretty good.