I’m seventeen years old, on Jan 10th 2009 i was diagnosed with a 6cm AVM.
I had an angeogram the next day, and they found two Anerysms.
I’m going to the doctor on Monday and they are going to tell me when they are going to do.
this is for people that have ahd it treated, i want to know what you think the best treatment is for it

Michelle, you need to take this one step at a time and first listen to what the doctors recommend. There are a few treatments that they can do and they will want to chose the safest one for your particular AVM. It sounds like they have acted fast to get you the angiogram so that is great.
Let us know what the doctors say on Monday and that will help. They will probably explain alot to you and you’ll feel like you understand it better then.
Take care. My son was diagnosed when he was 17 as well. It is not easy to go thru this.

hi michele,
your doctors will now the best treatment for your situation as others have said it depends on size and location…we are all the same yet so different…stay strong and positive and don’t be afraid to get several opinions before making a decision…i got 6 opinions before making the decision…best of luck for monday you are in my prayers…keep us posted

Hi Michele,
I have to agree with all the posts so far. Your doctors will give you the best advice for treatment. Size and location of the AVM will be the deciding factor in how the doctors will treat you. Please let us know how you make out. Please also know if you need support you’ll be able to find it here. Take Care.

MIchelle, I agree, you must listen to your doctor’s options today. Treatments depend on the location and size of the AVM as well as other factors. Please tell us what the doctor suggests as soon as you can. Also, take notes…this is a lot if info to absorb!

Hi Michelle I have to agree with everyone else, get as many opinions as poss and let us know what happened today