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Top Neurosurgeon in the US


Dr. Thomas Mims of Houston did my brain surgery. He not only saved my life but he was very kind and understanding. I highly recomend him.


Your welcome. Thought it would be a good start and thanks to US News too.


Awesome. Sounds like Dr. James needs to added to TOP Neuro..Thank you for telling us you journey with Dr. James...


Saving ones life is the greatest gift that one human can give to another. Thank you for sharing.Recommendation is one consistent theme you hear from many AVM & CCM members. Some are so lost and frustrated in their search. I hope that we can continue to build a list of Top Neurosurgeon & Neurologist all over the world.


I just came out of surgery on August 30th having 3 malformation removed 1 temporal and 2 frontal. Wishing you all the very best, but sounds like you are already in the hands of an amazing physician..keep us posted. We are here for you. Thank you for checking out this list past it on.


He is our man . Saved my life. Love his team. Stanford is amazing..I am grateful to US News for helping us find BEST of the BEST. This is the first step is finding a physician that knows their stuff to help us all ease our way...


Thank you for posting this list!


He's my doc. Love, Love, Love him. I just saw him Tuesday---gave me terrific news. He did LINAC radiation in 2007. My left temporal AVM has reduced in size---it's now 1/12 it's original size!

Surgery was not an option; however, next step is an angio to see if surgery is an option or if we'll do more radiation.


I'm actually very excited to see this list, our new NS is #9 nationally! Our old one was not even on there. Thank you!


Yes! My doc was Dr. Dade Lunsford out of UPMC Presby in Pittsburgh. But Dr. Brian Jankowitz out of Mercy Hospital should be on this list also, as he was one of the top Neurosurgeons on my team as well - and much more kind and considerate. He was really awesome. Dr. Dade was the brains and a really great surgeon, but he was more or less in and out of there. Brian was wonderful. He deserves high accolades.


In fact, Brian Jankowitz made it a point to come out of the surgery room and check on me both times to make sure I was ok. He checked on me twice during me angios also. I never once saw Dr. Dade. In fact, Dr. Lunsford wouldn't even look my husband in the eye during my appointments with him, or during our consults the day of the surgery. I would like to say Dr. Jankowitz has the brains and the personality and should be on this list right along side Dr. Lunsford. However, I do not think Jankowitz is authorized to perform the actual gamma knife procedure, only the angiograms and brain surgery.


Yes, this is a great resource. Nice to see my neurosurgeon on the list-Dr. Tim Adamson, Charlotte, North Carolina


I was forced to go to University Hospital, in London, Ontario, when Johns Hopkins University Hospital facilitated Meningitis' infiltration of my nervous system. This was in 1987; then, in 1988, I had a second shunt installed at UMD, in Baltimore, when the shunt installed by Hopkins was rendered too short by my growth spurt. Dr. Sydney Peerless saved me in London; Dr. Walker Robinson replaced my shunt, in Baltimore, in 1988.


Yes! DR. DANIELE RIGAMONTE stands strong on the list. He is a neurosurgeon at JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL in Baltimore, Maryland.



Dr. Rigamonti was my neurosurgeon as well! He was wonderful!!


I went to Johns Hopkins as well! My neurosurgeon was Dr. Daniele Rigamonti.


Thank you - this is a great list.


We had great experience with Dr. Dehdashti from Geisinger.
He is trained from one of the world top AVM surgery program in Toronto.


Look at all of us Steinberg/Chang/Marks/Marcellus patients here! And alive!!

Omg, me too, I love Mary! She is one special person :)



Thanks for posting this. I'm sure it will prove helpful for many people.Btw, glad your Doc is on the list. Smiles!!