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Top Neurosurgeon in the US


Is your neurosurgeon on this list. This was published by US News. Here is the hyperlink.


Find your physician or pick one. Our physician was on this list. Dr. Gary Steinberg - Stanford CA

Dr. Spetzler retiring and Dr. Lawton taking over. Received letter from Barrow Neurological Institute notifying Dr. Spetzler patients of the change

Great list! Thank you for posting the link!


Seems like this is a ongoing question. Thought this might help us all. Your welcome friend share the news..


Thanks, Oleblue!!!
You know who my choice is! ;)


We went to Steinberg/Marks for surgery & embolizations. Two very smart and dedicated guys.

I got tickled when we first met Steinberg. He and Chari are the same age--he kept looking at her data and her, and kept saying "You're too young NOT to try to fix this AVM." We all laughed.

We loved Mary (Dr Mark's exec RN or whatever she's called). A very cool lady who's been at Stanford a long time. She said everyone is in awe of Steinberg (and rightly so), but she worked in the hospital when he was a RESIDENT and still green, so she enjoys that relationship..........

We've dropped in to see Mary a few times when we've been in SFO--always a great visit.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS


Yes she is:

Huang, Judy, MD
Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins Hospital
#1 Nationally in Neurology & Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
High-performing in Neurology & Neurosurgery


Mine is not listed, but believe he is Top notch!

Another professor in the same neurosurgery department is listed, who I believe was also attending my surgery at the time.

Kevin O. Lillehei, MD
University of Colorado Hospital

Robert Breeze, MD
University of Colorado Hospital


Yep. Dr. Steinberg at Stanford for neurosurgery. Dr. Chang at Stanford for cyberknife. Dr. Marks at Stanford for interventional radiology (not on the list, but awesome nonetheless.) The team at Stanford is truly the best!


Us too. Awesome team of Steinberg, Marks and Chang.


Oh, isn't Mary wonderful?! The interns all cower before her. (Sometimes I think Dr. Steinberg does too. ;-) ) Did Joli work with you too? Awesome team.


Dr. Steinberg did the most recent of three craniotomies on my daughter. He and his staff have been wonderful.


Hi Kati,

Stanford Team is the best. Dr. Steinberg is on the list and any physician that works in that department is awesome..So glad that your experience was awesome. It changed my life and gave me hope that I still had a life to live..


Johns Hopkins is the Best ! I did not have any services there, but they were on the list if I couldn't find a physician on the west coast..Awesome !


Another Johns Hopkins happy patient. They are amazing..I've never had the experience to have care with their team, but they were on our short list if we didn't find a physician on the west coast.


Another happy Steinberg patient. We love their team too..Lucky to have some amazing physician to be by our side .


My physician Dr. Judy Huang (#1 Nationally in her filed) and the refering physician Dr. neal Naff were both on the list! That was reassuring to see. Surgery is scheduled for April 9th! (Craniotomy)


Hello Paul A,

I am a current patient of Dr. Judy Huang. I have a surgery scheduled April 9th for a crainiotomy. Have you had your procedure done by her and her team yet? If so I hope you don't mind some questions!



My doctor didn't make the list. He should have. Dr Hector E. James. He was one of the most well respected neurosurgeons at the time that I had my operation (Sept 1990). He was based in San Diego, at Children's Hospital then. He had numerous patients flown in from all over the world, because he was known to be so good. He was an expert in his field, an amazing surgeon, he was very attentive, and would go out of his way to do anything for his patients, plus he had a great bed side manner... he was incredible. I would highly recommend him. He is based in Florida now. Here is his info (some general information about him, and his contact info): http://jax.shands.org/find/bio.asp?id=1181


What a great resource for our community. Thanks for posting this!


Yes - had it done last June, at Hopkins Bayview. Feel free to ask all you need.