Tooth Decay

I have read online where gum and tooth decay can be one of the side effects of taking Dilantin. I have all of a sudden devoloped tooth decay on my front bottom teeth. I have been on dilantin for about four years have had issues with stomach upset and fatigue. Have tried to cut back a bit but my gp is nervouse about that but neurosurgeon is fine. Haven't had a seizure since my craniotomy for an AVM. Thank heavens. Just curious if anyone else has had a problem with teeth.

Yes, Lynda...It seems that since I've been on Keppra I've been having problems with my teeth that I never had before...Problem is..I cannot stop taking the anti-seizure med so I have to deal with it.

I know the Dilantin does. My mother took that since she was young and ended up with a full set of dentures. DOES KEPPRA CAUSE THE SAME THING? I'VE NEVER EVEN HAD A CAVITY AND I'M 40. Lord I don't want to have dental problems.

I had trouble with the fatigue when I was taking keppra but no issues with my teeth. If you have found or do find an anti convulsants that does not cause fatigue will you please let me know? because I’m 0 for 3.

Hi. i have been on Dilantin for 23 years and have had no problem with tooth decay or gum problems , but with that said they suggest seeing a dentist every 6 months for a cleaning because it can cause terrible over growth of the gums. called cauliflower gums. my dentist keeps an eye on it and said he would let me know on the first sign of a problem. fatigue is a big problem for me as well. just recently my Dilantin has stopped working and am on the search for a new med. I know fatigue will always follow while on anti convulsants. I wish you luck and if possible as your dentist for further help, he/she should have some ideas for you I know mine did.

I've been on Dilantin for 27 years. There are some dental issues but a check-up twice a year and flossing work wonders.