Tools to use for memory and encouragement

We have been using the following for memory aides, encouragement, to do lists, and reminders for how to destress.

-Dry erase boards

-Mirrors: to have me write date and time I took meds so I don't freak out later thinking I forgot to take them (you can write on them with dry erase markers and it wipes off)

-Mirrors: encouragement

And the newest thing we've found

-Smart Sheets. They use static to stay stuck to the wall and you erase them with rubbing alcohol. They don't mess up paint on walls.

It's double the fun. I get to "write on the walls" without getting in trouble, and it gives the people taking care of me and myself a place to leave notes.

On mine I have my log in info for this site, Methods to destress, a list of where everyone is at-I used to think when people walked out of the house that they died.

There's also a To Do list for the people around me. The to do list has two functions. One I have a way to remember to ask for certain things, and two we cross them off so I know I've asked.

I also have the last time I've washed sheets. I've never minded doing laundry. It's become an awesome destresser. Your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time. I'd prefer to do those things than have a total meltdown.

Since I can tell when my anxiety is ramping up it helps to have a place to go that has ways to calm down listed.
I can also list the things I repeatedly ask (where something is, how to do something, where everyone is during the day), etc.

It helps on two fronts.
One-it's all together in one place for reference
two-it alleviates my frustration from not being able to find and remember things.
Three-other people can leave notes of encouragement.

It's amazing what one tool can do to help alleviate stress and frustration.

The site for the smart sheets is below. I hope it helps and please please please repost it on any groups you are part of.|dc&plc=&gclid=CJ7DxvGX2b8CFcVj7AodACYAdQ

Thank you for sharing, survivedavm!

You're very welcome! Page has helped me see I'm not alone in this. Anything to make it smoother seems a shame to not share

Thank you for posting these wonderful suggestions, survivedavm!

We play the expletive game. Makes you think

I'm sure you can tell which replaces which words. Makes you think on a different level. And really, who doesn't want to take time out and be given a cussing game. Everyone wins.

I love it! I needed instructions posted on the mirror for “how to brush teeth” and countless other things, so I can relate. I use notes and reminders on the iPad and iPhone to keep myself straight, but the smart sheet is fantastic too.

I really appreciate the fact you’re so positive despite facing a difficult situation. I’m so glad you found this site!

Tim, My mom has two bathrooms by the bedrooms in her house which I hadn't visited before all of this. On the mirrors we wrote which bathroom to use, toothbrush (with a downward arrow) and toothpaste (again an arrow).

I really have my mom and boyfriend to thank for the positive influences. I was rolling in anger and bitterness at the beginning of this. From head to toe.

These are such great tips - thank you!!!