Too many surgeries & anniversaries!

After 4 surgeries within 25 years for multiple CMs, I have too many 'anni's' to remember - lol, but today marks my 4th year anni for #3 surgery of 3/17/09 - St. Paddy's Day! How lucky can one be? lol
Somehow, I overlooked #4 surgery anni (thalamic hurrah) of 3/10/10. Fortunately, it was uneventful. ;)
What I most hope for is a future cure, but for the present days, I hope for NO MORE BLEEDS...Please! ;)
Best wishes to everyone coping with CMs & AVMs. :)

Happy "St.Patti's"! I will hope for no more bleeds AND a cure for you, Patti!

You must have the "luck of the Irish" in you to have such a wonderful sense of humor, Patti. I too, pray that you have no more bleeds.

Tell me - Since your 3rd surgery was on St. Patrick's Day. Did you wear a green hospital gown for the occasion? It would have been fitting, you know. :)


Thank you! dancermom and Ben!
Ben - No green gown...sigh! ;) They at least shoulda let me wear a green cap or green scrubs as I was wheeled into the O.R. lol! Ah well, the luck of the Irish? ;)

Congrats, Patti…the upside (?) is that one of your anniversary’s is easy to remember.

Thanks, jules!
Yep, at least 1 out of 4 is easier to remember. lol :)
And to add a fun story to this surgery, is that while in the O.R. (after anesthetized), the assisting NS rebraided my 2 braids into 3 braids to help avoid the unavoidable tangles! Yes, a true story. :)