Tongue Pain

My 9 year old son had an emobolization with Onyx in June. They concentrated in the area of his tongue. A month later he started experiencing terrible pain in his tongue. I am not sure if is related to the embolization. Has anyone else experienced pain after an embolization in the area of the tongue, mouth, or cheek?

Hi Ann- I would absolutely guess it’s related to the AVM but I’m not sure about its relation to Onyx part. I don’t know why it would cause pain a month later. I can’t think of any reason that it would. My guess would be that the left over AVM itself has moved and is affecting maybe a nerve or something. Does his tongue look more swollen? Is there any necrotic tissue you can see?
I think the person you should reach out to would be Dave the Face. He is all about onyx. Not sure if he has tongue involvement or not but I think he would be able to offer you some info or point you to someone else who may know.
Good luck!