Tomorrow I go to the neurosurgeon for the first time. I am rather nervous as I have no idea what to expect. I am going with my CT report and pictures.
I imagine the first thing they will do is the angio. Still makes me nervous even thinking about it. I have always been in good health through life from hiking, kayaking, etc. I feel like my life went to hell.
I am really glad I have a girlfriend who sticks with me through it all. She is the reason I keep going…

Good luck tomorrow Mike! Sometimes the anticipation and the expectations we create are way worse thatn the actual reality. At least I find I often imagine things much worse than they are. Just makes the end result easier. It’s nice to be done and say “that was a peice of cake…now let’s have cake!” I hope that is the way you will feel after your visit tomorrow :slight_smile:

Good luck! It is a nerve wrecking thing for that fist appointment having no idea what they will tell you. Remember to take a notebook and if someone can go with you bring them. 4 ears are better than 2 while you are trying to take everything in. Agios are a weird thing I was awake for 2 of mine and I can still remember the hot feeling of the dye rushing through my head and it was cool to look up and see the map of my brain when it was all over. I was almost glad for the feeling after my surgery because I was so cold. Again good luck and it is a blessing to have a good support system and I am glad you have one! Situations like these are hard enough, but to go at it alone would be even harder.

Thanks for the notes. I am taking my girlfriend with me. I am at least going to the best hospital in Atlanta (Emory University Hospital). There are only 2 doctors in Atlanta that do this kind of procedure from what I have been told.

Best of lluck tomorrow Mike! We will be thinking and praying for you! Good you have your girlfriend going with you, as with my husband (he was the AVM patient), he would hear something and seemed to be stuck on that as the doc kept going. I would take many notes and ask so many questions! Can’t wait to hear what the neuro says!
Marie & Steve

Best wishes!

Take care,


Well I went to see the neurosurgeon today. They told me since my AVM was small that I am a good candidate for radio surgery. Now I have to have an MRI and an Angio done. I guess I am lucky that I am going to Emory Hospital here in Atlanta. I looked into it and they are highly recommended when it comes to this type of procedure.
He did tell me I could do something about the AVM or I could just let it go. I am thinking I am going to go through with it since I have spent so much time helping my father who suffered a massive stroke and I have seen what it can do first hand. He had the stroke 15 years ago and we are finally at the point were he can walk with a cane. I am very proud of what he has accomplished but it was a very rough road for him.
I also want to thank everyone here for there support. You all have been very kind.
Thank You!

That is so great you hear good news today! I am glad you decided to do something about it! A lot of my friends ask how I could make the decision to go ahead with surgery. I do understand that all medical treatments are voluntary unless it is an emergency, but I couldn’t have sat around knowing I had a bomb in my head that could go off at any moment. Yes it didn’t for 30 years, but it could’ve happened yesterday or today and then I wouldn’t have had a choice and who knows how my story would’ve gone. Best of luck to you!

Hey Mike,
How did your appointment go?
I have an appointment coming up in a little less than a week and I imagine it will be similar to yours. Please let us all know how it goes. Much appreciated.
God bless

The visit went well. He sat there and told me everything. He was very open and I liked him.
I go on the 14th for an MRI. I had a ccat scan because the reg doctor would not do an MRI due to the plate in my neck. The plate is titanium so they an do the MRI.

Then on the 20th I have an angio. They want to know exactly where it is because they are going to do gamma knife surgery on it.

Good luck on the 20th Mike. Again keep us all updated and let us know how it goes. Sending lots of positive energy your way… :slight_smile:

I jsut found out that my Boss’s wife had a bleed this past weekend. She was airlifted to Emory Hospital were I hear she is resting comfortably.
This really hits close to home and tells me how lucky I am that they found my AVM before anything bad happened.
If you can please say a little prayer for her wellbeing for me.
Thanks to all of you, I keep my sanity…