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Toes curling under as a result of nerve damage


Hi everyone, Since my AVF embolism


That happens to me on my left foot and I was told it was drop foot :slightly_frowning_face: Aside from having to wear an afo, the other solution is surgery on my foot and with a toddler and my husband working long hours it’s just not possible to recover from it and be away from home too long and probably be put in inpatient therapy yet again and I just can’t until my son is a bit older so afo it is


Hi Teiry,

Thanks for answering.
So sorry that you too are having a challenging time. With a toddler, it must be difficult. I had foot drop and this is not that. My own foot drop resolved shortly after the embolism. I’m going to get a cobbler to make wedges for me to wear inside my shoes so that, if my toes curl under during a spasm, I’m less likely to fall backward. I hope that your own challenges will resolve soon. All the very best.


I’m glad to hear that it resolved for you! I am still trying to get it to resolve on its own. I must admit it is not as bad as it used to be and I truthfully never had issues with it but my therapists would make sure to remind me that it was bad and it would eventually get in the way. The fix you’re mentioning sounds lovely though! I hope it helps make things more bareable :slight_smile: