Todays the big day

Going to meet with a neurosurgeon who we feel hopeful about, hopefully we get good news :slight_smile: most likley not but my hope is for good news!! Cant take anymore bad news. Ill fill you in when i get back!!

Best wishes, Katie.


i hope its good news too. best of luck today and even if its bad news dont give up

hang in there thinking of you and praying for good news…dont give up…i heard plenty of bad news before i found someone to help me…waiting anxiously to hear from you

Thinking of you Katie. Let us know what happened when you feel up to it.

keeping everything crossed for you Katie. Please keep us all updated, much love, Chris xx

How’d it go?

hey there…so what did doc say,you pop in my head alot,im worried sometimes is why,.,i want you to have the best care,what did doc say,any good news,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:) been praying for you and your family,