Like today 2 years ago i was discharged from the hospital after one month of strong fight with the avm even this day a heart doctor came to see me in our house and told to my parents don’t be so optimistic he is not so good-well.My father asked me today if i remember this day that i was with a nurse and my mother in back sheets going home but i can’t rememeber anything i have no idea for this day.I wonder who many people had the strenght then to say or even think that after 2 years i could be in Rotterdam 6500 kilometres away from my home taking a master degree!

Life is strange… We just don’t know a day from now how we will be or if we will be . So today is the day is the day that counts. Look at how meny days you have come from there and what you have done with them.What a great job you have done !!

Hello Nikos.
Happy Anniversary!!!
Excellent work you are (STILL) doing !
You know you are not omly a miracle-you are an example of the possibilities…you know this, yes ?
Be good to you. Take care of you.
May God guide, guard and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand as always…
You and yours are in my prayers. HUGS ALL ROUND !!!

such wonderful news,and so happy for you,you are on the past of nothing but good things from this point on…so good to hear from you!!! Caroline(((hugs)))

today and everyday is a blessing!!and the people who come into our lives ,so happy you are one of my friends,:slight_smile:

yes Marianne i know but it seems sometimes i am a stupid human being

Me too i am glad i met all of you.everyday is a blessing

Celebrate the successes! That is really what this struggle is all about, right? And celebrating how far (literally and figuratively) you have come…definintely a success!!!

I think you are the only persons that can talk like that.I wish my english were far better in orer to talk to you like that

Great news! Congratulations!! xxoox