Today I have been feeling pretty good. I am excited to see one of my best friend's, who is coming in August. I have known him since I was 5. I guess that helps to keep my mind off my healing haha. Tomorrow morning I am going for my first run and I am excited. I can't wait. Running is something I love and enjoy even though I am dying from it; I get my runner's high c:. I don't know how it'd but we'll see right. I'm gonna get my pictures people took of me as I slept in the hospital for 12 days. I'm hoping my eye opens sooner. On my left side of my forehead on the top it feels so weird I can't describe it. I wonder why. So when I see my Dr I have to have him feel it. I felt the back and it feels weird too. I'm guessing it could be my screws in my head I don't know wish I did though. My hair is finally growing though except the middle part :/