Today was a good day

I woke up with a little pain in my leg BUT I walked on it!!! Iam so happy. Iam still in my wheel chair at school and cruches at home but i put weight on my leg so thats good! I have been going to physical therapy and I swear the doctor is a miracle worker because he is getting my leg to get a little less swolen. and for my whole life it has looked like a ballone compared to my other leg. So Iam so happy! I hope to be out of the wheel chair and off the cruches soon. today was just a good day for me and I thank ALL of you for the support!!! Thats whats keeping me going! so thanks!

so happy you had such a great day…keep up the positive attitude…i am sure there are plenty more to come…glad you are feeling brighter a big hug too you xxxx

Okay, Christa, that’s a fighting attitude! Way to go girl. You have to look for those little tiny positives every day, somehow.
I know it is really hard to do at your age when you really shouldn’t be having to worry and think about all these major life problems and it is SOOO not fair. But you will end up being a super strong person who looks at life very differently than others and you can help other people because of your struggles.
Don’t let this AVM steal your life away. Fight back and you’ll win.

I am so glad that you had a good day, Christa. God bless you!