Today starts a new chapter

Well today I am breathing a sigh of relief. It has been a year since I saw my general practicioner, before the avm was found. He is actually the Dr who said that my symptoms didn’t sound like normal migraines, and referred me to have an MRI and see a neurologist. I am so thankful for him!! He is an awesome doctor, has treated my Hubby’s hypertension for several years now. We trust his opinion, and while he admitted he had never even heard of an avm until today, he said he trusts Dr Voss and knows he will give us his honest yet respectful opinion. And it is only a few weeks away :slight_smile: July 1st. My husband and I are at a happy place with today’s appt, we know thisy is the first step to finding out my options for treatment and I feel good knowing even though the anxiety has been really bad, he said it is normal when diagnosed with something serious. But he is not comfortable treating the anxiety until I am cleared from neurosurgeon. Understandable! I would rather him be honest and do nothing, than to treat me blindly. So ill play the waiting game :slight_smile: thanks for reading my rant, any questions I should ask, let me know I’m making a list. God is awesome :slight_smile: