Today is the day for Gamma knife treatment

Good morning All. So today is the big day. Very nervous but feeling okay. I feel blessed as this while process took less than 3 months to sort out, I have not shown any symptoms of the AVM and the I only need a small amount of radiation. I want to thank you the creator of this website and all the moderators as it helped me so much. Blessings to all and have a fabulous day :smile:


Wishing you all the best today Lisha! :hugs:


… thanks to @Ben_Munoz1.


Have a great day. You’re going to be just fine.

Very best wishes,


The best to you Lisha! I had gamma knife in November of 2016, it will be no pr0blem for you. Take Care, John.

@JD12 @DickD @BrentN49 Thank you for the well wishes. 12 hours down and I feel great. Had a slight headache and a bit queezy but otherwise great. Have a fabulous awesome day.



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Wish you all the best Lisha. By the way where are you doing it, l am scrambling to know suitable neurosugeons to approach for my brother who has an avm.

Thank you Kmany. I did mine in south africa

Thanks for that.

I had gamma knife treatment of my AVM in 2015.It helped me significiantly my malformation gone.Just one side effect was holes on head after removal of stereotactic frame to fix head in gamma knife cage.Go for it and no worries.

Thanks Andy. They no longer do the pin frame only the plastic mold which made it so much easier. Yesterday was abit of a rough day as my scalp is a little bit sensitive but otherwise I am all good.

Really so your hospital in US are using plastic frame without screws?We are far from US in Europe. Do not you have some good reference for good gamma knife clinics in US?

I am based in South Africa. I think because our medical schemes we have is so full of nonsense the doctors try to make it cheaper perhaps so that we can get better treatment as our goverment hospitals equipment keeps on breaking and takes forever to get fixed. My medical aid didnt want to treat me in private hospital so the oncologist wrote a motivation letter which helped.