Today is a brighter day!

Hi, I just became a member of this network. My husband Victor had his first bleed on June 21, 2012. A lot has happened since then, including a successful surgery on July 12 to cut off blood supply to his AVM - which was on the right side of the thalamus. Victor starts cognitive rehab on August 14th. We are looking forward to this as Victor's short-term memory isn't good, and he sometimes says the most random things.

I look forward to getting to know the members and hear your stories.



Hi Pippa! I have short term memory lose since my brain bleed...What I've learned is to write everything down so you won't forget things. I'm glad he is going for rehab..that will help alot! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Thanks Louisa!

Welcome to the group Pippa. I hope your husband continues to improve and you have more brighter days.

Hi Pippa, I have an avm in my right basal ganglia and thalamus. I also had a stroke. My memory was really bad too, but it has greatly improved! Let me know if I can help you with anything! This is a hard journey, especially in the begianing. I am very happy they were able to cut off the blood supply to the avm!

Hi Pippa, Welcome to the site. Wonderful news about Victor's successful surgery!
I also have a bad memory and truly, I do say funny & ramdon words, my family now have a good laugh and do like "my" funny words. We are keeping a word diary so we can look back & see how well I have come. All the best to Victor & youself!

hia yes my short term memory is terrible i dont like going out with groups of people and talking because i go blank and i used to be a chatter box but not anymore!d
neuro doc said the cerebellum does have a bit of affect on the memory and that is where i had the bleed i just cant believe all the things that affect me such as hot weather windy weather any slght illness like a mild cold makes me feel awful so is quite funny when you say a word and mean something else. good luck to you and your husband !

oh and i have pieces of paper all around me with notes on haha!! its easier to write everything down!