Today I had my Angio

Well today I went and had my Angio. They confirmed That I did have an AVM deep within the brain near my higher reasoning area (whatever that means). They also told me that I would be getting radio surgery for it as it was the only way to treat it.
The procedure went well. I was awake the whole time and they didn’t give me much for nerve or pain meds or so it seemed as I felt most all of it. They told me they did give me meds but because I have taken so much meds due to my neck injury that what they gave me wasn’t going to help much.
I am home now after spending the whole day in the hospital. I do have to commend the entire staff as they were very pleasant and caring to me. My hats off to all those at Emory University Hospital. You all are great!
I want to thank everyone here also for all the kindness you have shown me and some great advise I was given too.
Now the next step is going to be the radiation. They want to do it soon but I still do not know the date when they will be doing it.
Anyone that has had this done, I would love to hear your stories to help prepare myself for this next step.
Peace and love to you all…


So glad everything went well! I wish I could help with your questions about the radio surgery, but I had a crainiotomy. There are quite a few people here who have. I Googled higher reasoning area and could it be in your frontal lobe? The definition that was given is - Frontal Lobe- associated with reasoning, planning, parts of speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving. This is the link I used and I like the way they explain the parts and function of the brain.

I just finished gamma knife treatment, so have two years to see if it was 100% effective. I am lucky–didn’t have seizures or an aneurism, just headaches.

The gamma knife really wasn’t that bad as a procedure, but it takes all day. I was in at 0630 and out at 1600.

The first thing they do is affix the frame to your head, which really isn’t that bad. Next MRI, CT scan. If needed, another cerebral angio [I did not need another]. Then, wait while they program the Gamma Knife for your particular situation.

I was in the GN for 109 minutes. I slept through most of it [mainly because I had stayed up really late the night before so I would be real tired].

The worst part was getting the frame taken off–worst headache I’ve ever had, 10+. It only lasted about 45 minutes, and when it began to subside, they released me.

That’s about it–up and around and doing most normal things now, but getting lots of sleep.

i had radiowave surgery twice last june on my bottom half of my a.v.m and i had the second surgery on the top half after the baby came along on march 25 this yr.i had went to the doctors for my follow up not to long ago and my bottom half of my a.v.m. they treated last june is completely gone.i think dr.crocker was shocked because usually they take up to 2 years to shrink so now i am waiting for my upper part of the a.v.m. to shrink i hope it shrinks like the top did.but the surgery is not that bad the headframe is aggravating because you have to sit there with it on for like 4 hrs until they get the plan of where there going to send the radiation but its ok.i hope all goes well for will be ok;)