To you, my AVM!

My "dear" AVM, now that i know about your existence, please, be kind to me! You choose to show yourself so agressive, with no warnings, you hurt me so much, caused me a loooot of pain, even i had to learn to walk again because of you. Now, let's be friends, and cause no more trouble to each other, you see how nice i treat you since i know you are here, no heavy lifting, no strong emotions, healtyer lifestyle, and soon i will bandage you the wound where you bleed, with some nice life lasting glue! And i promise to take good care of you for the rest of my life! And.. you don't have to make your presence known ever again, just lay in there all relaxed and zen! I could never forget that you exist, since you, so kindly left me with numbness on my left side. But is ok, no more bad feelings, i even thank you, that by hurting my body, you helped me to clean my soul, and see how big protector God is, and how he always, sooner or later, in a way or another, answers our good prayers.
Now goodbye, sleep well in there!!

Well said, Dorina. I’ll bet a lot of members feel that way at times…

Dear Dorina I love that you talk to the depression. I never thought of doing that. It is so healthy to tell depression how you let it take advantage of you, I feel that, that alone is a big step to feeling better. I have a website I go to when I am not doing well it is called Earth Clinic I am so glad I found this site. It has a lot of natural remedies but it also gives you the yea's and the nay's. May you continue in happiness and health. Love Justice (Mary) good luck and God bless you.

An amazingly positive way of living with your AVM, Dorina.

Stay strong & is the only way to go!

I agree with the other replies, Dorina, and yay for you!

Good for you Dorina!

You completely had me till you said "I promise to take good care of you (the AVM) for the rest of my life". Obliteration is not an option? I am all about looking at things from a positive perspective (which you seem to do a great job of) but we have to be proactive too (at least in my opinion). But I have to commend you Dorina, a positive attitude will take you a long way. :)

You are so true, we must stay positive, we’ve all been trought all kind of negative feelings since we learned about our avm, is just normal, but we must pick our selfs up from there and move on.

Hi Dorina Very true great poem I never knew what hit

me the day I had the bleed from my AVM thank God my nero surgeon got the 2mm AVM but Im scared that theres more because she put a marker on my brain just in case she has to in and get more out!

Hi Dorina.....Simply awesome poem to express your fears and uncertainties.....sending you prayers....stay strong. Please spend more time with your friends and those who love you unconditionally.......mood swings swill reduce......... take care.

Bangalore, India.