To me, Life is Like a Train...How do you see it?

I've had a lot of time - and chose to take that time to think (and think and think and think some more), and I think (thankfully) that life is like a train.

On the train of life, you have the option to go with it or deny that you're even on a train. Along the way, you'll have stops, called experiences with different people who and what will change your life if you let them.

As far as your destination on the train of life (aka your goals), they serve more as a generalized GPS destination, but really the train conductor drives the train.
Although the train will have different stops and obstacles, an AVM could be considered a big boulder on the track - and you hope that the conductor can break soon enough. An AVM bleed is like a potential collision with another train. You will either die or not (hopefully there's a fork in the track where the conductor can detou - either way, you're shaken awake to see how short life is and to make the most/learn something from those stops along the way.

In the end, you can only control the coal/the energy that drives the train (hopefully it's something more environmentally-friendly than coal fumes). And you learn that positive coal can take you a lot further and stays hotter than negative coal - and sometimes you have to let go of those surrounding negative pieces of coal.

...So...whatever was lossed, it was meant to be for some reason, and you can choose how you react to that.

How do you see life in regard to your AVM?


Your analogy is so succinct and well-written. You have captured'it' brilliantly - a real achievement to do this in only 4-ish paragraphs. (It's easier to ramble) I say that cos I write short stories and go to writing classes which I enjoy. Does anyone else? Ihope you are proud of your writing? The comparisons you use are easily understandable to all out there.

Hey Julie,
After my 1st surgery in 88, my sister sent me a card writing in her own words something similar: "Life is like a train with box cars leading from one to another & it's a heck of a long track!"
Needless to say, I kept that card & treasure it! :)

My life has always been more of a roller coaster rideā€¦lots of highs and lows. Woo hoo!

"Mama always said life it like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get".- Forest Gump. Not my words but so very true!

Hey Julie!

I love your analogy. Let me add to it... You have to get on it to go anywhere... ;)

Great analogy Julie!! There are times when you can sit back and take in the scenery and just chillax for a moment before realizing that once are not in control but along for the ride!! Thanks for sharing!!!

My train fell into a pit- a sink hole, i think they are more common out West, I've heard Ranchers have actually lost a steer in a sinkhole before, why not a box car?Considering I was on a Bullet train before thebleed, this C&O I'm riding now is kinda a peaceful, if not wayward experience! If iIcould just pull my ass out of that sinkhole! Life would be cherries! But a locomotive is heavy, so I am Not as indepedent as I once was! but the ride is nice here in the suite with a picture window watching the scenery drift by!