To feel attractive again and someone they have a crush on you

I was feeling lost, alone and that I was unattractive...then my daughter went swimmiming at her friend Madelynns house, she came back her friend spent the night. Well I was talking with them and they told me that Madelynn's dad had a crush on me... I so excited because I had crush on him for years, after my avm stroke, I wouldn't have a chance with m
him...I but had to know... So I called him and we were talking, after a while I brought up the conversation that I had with the girls, I very curious if he still had one, I don't remember how, but he said he still does! I was shocked because I had a stroke and my speach and walk and things changed, that did not matter to him!!!!!

So all who doesn't think good things will happen after your avm, your wrong happy say!!! ;)

Hi Katie, Yay for you for posting this honest discussion and best wishes to you!

You've still got it, Katie. :)

That is fantastic, Katie! I'm so excited for you!

Am doing the "Happy Dance" for you Katie, all the very best!

Hi Katie, This is Karma :) , Good things do happen to people with illness all the time but we usually only hear about the illness :( , I hope you find happiness and stay positive which it key to all recovery and health :) . Take care