To Everyone

Sorry I have not been on much but I wanted to send out lots of thoughts, prayers and love to all my AVMer's going through surgery, difficult times and just dealing with an AVM in general. Know I am always thinking of you though I may not be able to send you personal messages or respond to your blogs and post.

You are all dear friends!

All my best to you.

Lee Ann

Hi Lee Ann,

I haven’t been on much myself lately. Thanks for your well wishes, and I wish you the sam.e

Take care,


I’m sure we all understand. I certainly do. We do what we can, even though we’re thinking about people and wishing them well, we can’t always respond individually. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Sending some your way, too!

Thanks so much Lee Ann, you are always inspirational for me, you never complain, just help others…an amazing woman!! Love always, Lesley.

Hi Lee Ann! Right back at ya! Hope all is well!